Certified manufacturer of personal protective equipment

We protect the most valuable capital – people.

About us

ALEX-MED is a certified manufacturer of personal protective equipment. Modern machine park and qualified staff allow ensuring safety and the highest quality of offered products.

Who are we?

Medical masks

The highest quality and the best filtering properties.

Protective masks

Effective anti-infective effect and respiratory protection.

Disinfection stations

Modern and safe hand disinfection.

Protective items

Gloves, helmets, disinfectants, and other protective accessories.

Face masks

The highest protection and anti-infective effect

Made of three layers, they provide comfort and minimize the risk of spreading bacteria, viruses, and small contaminants.

Medical masks

Medical product

Protective masks

Personal protective equipment

Disinfection stations

Non-contact hand disinfection

Easy to use, functional devices for safe hand disinfection, suitable for use in any room.

disinfection station

with a footswitch

disinfection station

with a motion sensor
ALEX-MED offer for products entirely manufactured in Poland, in production plants in Bialystok and Kleosin. Production is carried out in accordance with the quality policy and technology recommendations. Thanks to this, we are able to control the quality of products and maximally shorten logistics processes.