The AT-M01 contactless disinfection station is a functional and simple hand disinfection device that works great in any room. The minimalist look fits perfectly into the elegant and modern interiors. High quality and Polish production make it an efficient and durable device for both internal and external use. Robust, damage-resistant construction made of high-quality powder-coated steel. The quality of materials used and careful workmanship ensure the reliability of the device. 5-liter receptacle for disinfectant liquid included.

Compared to other foot and automatic dispensers available on the market, the AT-M01 disinfection station has a trouble-free dosing system. It has been designed so that the use of the device and refilling the tank is quick, easy, and safe.

AT-M01 disinfection station

Easy to use, functional device
for safe hand disinfection
Intuitive service

simple mechanism
with a foot switch

Highest quality

100% Polish production


non-dripping nozzle

Drip tray

easy cleaning of the trip tray

Glove shelf

available as option

Foot button

easy and intuitive foot operation

Stable base

with holes for mounting the device to the ground using anchors

Large recess for both hands

excess disinfectant does not splash, but drips into the drip tray

Locked rear door

provide protection against interference by unauthorized persons

Transport handles

make the device easy to move

How does the device work?

After pressing the button with the foot, the device dispenses the disinfectant. User’s direct contact with the device has been kept to a minimum.

USER MANUAL – Disinfection station AT-M01.pdf


Version mechanical
(with a footswitch)
Construction steel, powder coated
Colour standard:
– black RAL 9005 (satin)
– silver RAL 9006 (glossy)
– white RAL 9003 (glossy)
– any color from the RAL palette
– glossy or satin
– full personalization of graphic design
Dimensions witdh: 24cm
depth: 20cm
height: 118cm
base: 38 x 38cm
Weight 16,5 kg
Place for the receptacle receptacle with a capacity 5L included
width: 20cm
depth: 18,5cm
height: 55cm
capacity: 5L / 10L
Base base with holes for mounting to the ground with anchors
Branding ALEX-MED or personalized
  • Non-contact and safe hand disinfection
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Solid construction with stable base
  • 5-liter receptacle for disinfectant liquid included
  • Transport handles make the device easy to move
  • Lockable rear door
  • Glove shelf (optional)
  • Stainless steel grille and drip tray ensure easy cleaning
  • Full personalization of color and graphics is possible
    (painting in any color, covering with texture, assembly of the illuminated logo)
  • The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The station is adapted to standard canisters with disinfectant liquid
  • Service limited to the minimum
  • Short delivery time

Additional informations

The AT-M01 disinfection station is dedicated to places with heavy traffic and the need for frequent disinfection, such as:

  • clinics, hospitals, offices
  • boulevards, promenades, streets, parks
  • playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, universities
  • metro, rail, tram and bus stations
  • airports, stations, urban spaces
  • restaurants, cafes, bars
  • commercial premises, shops
  • offices, companies
  • shopping centers, galleries
  • parking lots, petrol stations
  • production and industrial plants.

The AT-M01 disinfection station is a universal device that will be perfect for both small and large rooms, indoors or outdoors. The quality of workmanship and durability of the materials used to ensure reliable use.

The AT-M01 disinfection station has an extremely wide range of applications, and each of our clients can adapt it to their needs. We provide the possibility of full personalization of the standard product (choice of any color from the RAL palette and applying your own graphic design). Additionally, we offer the production of modified versions on request.

Frequent and thorough washing or disinfection of hands effectively removes dirt and pathogenic microorganisms from the surface of the hands. Hand disinfection is especially recommended before entering a closed public space, as well as during work, shopping, and everyday activities.

The World Health Organization recommends disinfecting hands for a minimum of 30 seconds and the use of disinfecting preparations based on min. 60% alcohol.

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