Type II medical mask provides effective anti-infective effects and is the most commonly used protective mask in medical facilities due to the highest quality and the best filtering properties. Type II non-sterile mask filters over 98% of biological aerosols. It is made of non-allergic material.

The mask consists of two outer layers of a Spunbond polypropylene sheath fabric and an MELTBLOWN inner filter fabric. Each mask is finished with elastic straps, enabling safe and comfortable use. At the height of the nose it has a special wire profile that ensures a tight fit and ensures freedom of face movement when speaking.

The hypoallergenic mask ALEX-MED is a great solution for people wearing glasses. Delicate straps do not irritate the ears when worn for a long time, and the formed stiffening ensures perfect adhesion and prevents glasses from fogging.

Medical mask

Medical 3-layer polypropylene nonwoven mask with MELTBLOWN filter
Medical product

The highest protection
and anti-infective effect

rozkladowka_maseczki medyczne

resistant to stretching and tearing


high-density polypropylene nonwoven fabric provides excellent breathability and filtering properties


soft and safe in contact with the skin, does not cause irritation and does not impede breathing

Modeling insert

tight nose fit and free face movement

Elastic ear loops

perfect adhesion and fit to the face

Molded tabs

exact adjustment to the shape of the face

MELTBLOWN nonwoven fabric – normothermic microfiber fabric made of polypropylene fibers with high filtration efficiency. The melt-blown production method guarantees high density and low porosity of the non-woven fabric, which is why its main application is filter material. It works perfectly as a filtering material designed to protect the respiratory system.

Spunbond PP nonwoven fabric – a modern polypropylene fabric, characterized by lightness and durability. The nonwoven fabric is resistant to stretching and tearing, and at the same time, it is air permeable. The nonwoven fabric we use is made of pure polypropylene and does not contain any harmful substances or additives. Other names for PP nonwoven are nonwoven, fleece, lutrasil, wiggle, wigofil, textfile, spunbond, nonwoven.


The number of layers 3
Microbiological purity non sterile
Filter Layer MELTBLOWN polypropylene
non-woven fabric
Outer layers Spunbond PP non-woven polypropylene
Bacterial filtration factor BFE > 98%
Breathability deltaP < 40%
Classification TYPE II
Colour green
Size universal
Package 10 pcs / 50 pcs
  • The highest protection and anti-infective effect
  • Elastic straps and a modeling insole for the nose
  • Tabs for shape matching
  • Does not contain latex or glass fibers
  • Does not impede breathing
  • Hypoallergenic and odorless product
  • 100% Polish production
  • A medical device used in medical facilities, i.e. clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

Storage: Masks should be stored in a box in a dry place. Protect against intense solar radiation.

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